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Webinar About Our New UberCloud/Azure Simulation Platform

UberCloud presented this virtual event on October 27 (Americas), October 28 (EMEA), and October 29 (Asia), 2020, generously sponsored by Microsoft and Intel.

This webinar offers six short webinar presentations from UberCloud and Microsoft, about Azure HPC; on-premise versus cloud; cloud storage options; the UberCloud Simulation Platform and a live demo; and a CAE cloud case study about FLSmidth, a market leader of engineering, equipment, and service solutions in the global mining and cement industries. Please join us for this on-demand event and maximize your potential and time on the Azure/UberCloud HPC Simulation Platform. It's free :-)


What is UberCloud, and what is Azure HPC?


UberCloud is providing enterprises with ‘Cloud with One Click’ – a secure, on-demand, self-service, automated, and fully customizable platform for complex engineering simulations. UberCloud, with Headquarters in Silicon Valley, is working with enterprise customers around the world in the manufacturing, life sciences, energy, and financial industries.

Azure HPC is a complete set of computing, networking, and storage resources integrated with workload orchestration services.  With purpose-built infrastructure and optimized application services, Azure offers HPC customers a competitive price/performance against on premises with additional benefits.  Additionally, Azure includes next-generation machine learning tools to drive smarter simulations and empower intelligent decision making.  


You can either watch the whole webinar, or you can watch each of the 6 short presentations (see Agenda) individually.

Register Here: https://events1.social27.com/ubercloud-americas/page/pre-signup  

- To download additional documents (such as whitepapers, case studies, demo guide, etc.), scroll down the Home page.
- To watch the webinar, either go to Sessions and watch all 6 short presentations of the webinar (70 minutes), or go to Featured Speakers to watch individual presentations, about 10 minutes each.


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