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HPC containers

UberCloud Containers for HPC

How Linux container technology is being used to deliver portability, ease-of-use and performance to technical computing.

UberCloud Containers for HPC are ready-to-execute packages of software. These packages are designed to deliver the tools that an engineer needs to complete his task in hand. The ISV or Open Source tools are pre- installed, configured, and tested, in the container, and are running on bare metal, without loss of performance. They are ready to execute, literally in an instant with no need to install software, deal with complex OS commands, or configure.data is of strategic importance. Protection of this data from accidental deletion and unauthorized change or disclosure is a key part of any cloud implementation. 


You'll Learn:

  • How UberCloud containers based on docker containers can be launched from pre-built images which are distributed through a central registry hosted by UberCloud

  • How UberCloud containers use Linux kernel facilities such as cGroups, libcontainer, and LXC which are already a part of many modern Linux operating systems

  • How UberCloud HPC Containers don’t rely on a hypervisor; instead,
    they share the host operating systems kernel and system level tools like NFS, leading to performance characteristics that are comparable
    to bare metal installation.

This UberCloud white paper covers the key areas of UberCloud technology in detail. The primary areas of interest are docker container technology, Linux kernel etc. You can also learn how containers power UberCloud's Azure HPC for engineers.

HPC Containers