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Compendium of OpenFOAM CFD Case Studies

UberCloud Compendium of Case Studies

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is widely used in the engineering community to simulate all kinds of fluid flow phenomena, be it just fluid flow, or be it in a multi-physics scenario coupled with other physics solvers like e.g. with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of material behavior (like in an airplane wing design), or even more complex fluid-structure-electrical simulation of a living heart.


In this Compendium you will find 11 CFD case studies using the open-source solver OpenFOAM or enhanced (partially commercialized) versions of it, summarizing HPC Cloud projects UberCloud has performed together with the engineering community over the last years.


Following Case Studies are included in this Compendium:


Team 211: Deep Learning for Steady-State Fluid Flow Prediction with OpenFOAM

Team 204: Aerodynamic Simulations for a Sportscar Using MantiumFlow

Team 195: Simulation of Impurities Transport in a Heat Exchanger Using OpenFOAM

Team 183: Radial Fan CFD Simulation with CFD Supports Turbo-CFD

Team 182: OpenFOAM CFD Modelling and Product Optimization of Dry-type Transformers

Team 169: Complex Blood Flow with OpenFOAM Through Cardiovascular Medical Device

Team 159: Aerodynamic Study of an Airfoil in the UberCloud OpenFOAM Container

Team 156: Pulsatile Flow in a Right Coronary Artery Tree Using OpenFOAM

Team 100: Natural Forced Convection & Thermal Management of Electronics with OpenFOAM

Team 79: Simulating Air Conditioning in a Building with OpenFOAM

Team 62: Cardiovascular Medical Device Simulations with OpenFOAM


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