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Compendium of Aerospace Case Studies in the Cloud

Download the Compendium of Case Studies

Download the Compendium of Case Studies


The goal of our free UberCloud CAE Experiments is to perform engineering simulations in the CAE Cloud with real engineering applications in order to understand the roadblocks to success and how to overcome them. Our Compendiums of Case Studies are a way of sharing these results with our broader community of engineers and scientists and their service providers.

Here's now UberCloud Compendium #19, featuring a collection of 10 case studies for aerospace simulations in the HPC cloud. UberCloud has been approached by engineers in the aerospace industry to support their engineering simulations in the areas of 3D wing analysis, airfoils, aerodynamics, wing fluttering, compressors, fluid-structure interaction, helicopter operations, landing gears, supersonic flow, and more.


Here are the case studies featured in the UberCloud Compendium of Aerospace Case Studies:


  Team 203: Aerodynamic Study of a 3D Wing Using ANSYS CFX in the Opin Kerfi Cloud

  Team 194: Aerodynamic Study of Airflow around an Airfoil in the EGI Cloud

  Team 166: CFD Study on Flight Aerodynamic with STAR-CCM+ Container in the Cloud

  Team 160: Aerodynamics & Fluttering on an Aircraft Wing Using Fluid Structure Interaction

  Team 159: Aerodynamic Study of an Airfoil in the UberCloud OpenFOAM Container

  Team 147: Fast and Cost-Effective Compressor Map Generation Using Cloud-Based CFD

  Team 118: Coupling In-house FE Code with ANSYS Fluent CFD

  Team 99: North Sea Asset Life Extension – Assessing impacts on Helicopter Operations

  Team 60: Unsteady Flow Around Aircraft Landing Gear

  Team 04: Simulation of Jet Mixing in the Supersonic Flow with Shock


You can now download this Compendium for free!


We are extremely grateful for the support of our UberCloud experiments by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel.