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prediction of barehull KRISO containership resistance

How To Use NUMECA FINE/Marine In The Cloud

In this project, we calculated the barehull resistance of the KRISO containership (KCS) in the cloud. The KRISO containership is a standard hull form frequently used as a benchmark case for computational fluid dynamics in the marine industry. Both basic hull form parameters and experimental results are available in published literature. Detailed information for the KCS test case 


You'll Learn:

  • The mechanics of running a FINE/Marine simulation in the cloud and to assess the performance of the cloud compared to in-house hardware.

  • How to access the UberCloud HPC environment in the cloud with NUMECA software pre-installed. No need to install or configure any software or hardware.

  • How to initiate the FINE/Marine cloud setup, uploading the project files, running the simulation and downloading the results. 

This document is based on one of the more than 200 technical case studies that have been generated by engineering teams participating in the UberCloud Experiment. You will benefit from the candid descriptions of the problems the teams encountered, how they solved them, and lessons learned.


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