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Kubernetes And UberCloud Containers In HPC And AI

UberCloud Whitepaper by Daniel Gruber, Burak Yenier, and Wolfgang Gentzsch                                                     September 24, 2019                                                                                                                                                                           A short version of this whitepaper appeared in HPCwire and in EnterpriseAI

Software containers and Kubernetes are important tools for building, deploying, running and managing modern enterprise applications at scale and delivering enterprise software faster and more reliably to the end user — while using resources more efficiently and reducing costs. Recently, high performance computing (HPC) and AI are moving closer to the enterprise and can therefore benefit from a container and Kubernetes ecosystem, with new requirements to quickly allocate and de-allocate computational resources to HPC and AI workloads. Compute capacity, be it for enterprise, HPC, or AI workloads, can no longer be planned years in advance. In this UberCloud Whitepaper, we are sharing our experiences on running HPC and AI workloads in bare containers as well as orchestrating them in a higher level on Kubernetes.





Kubernetes, UberCloud Containers, and HPC