Tapping The Power of HPC Supercomputing in the Cloud 

CFD setup and computational time cut 50%

Featuring best practices and lessons learned to speed up CFD designs by using powerful cloud hardware on-demand.

CFD offers engineers tools to investigate fluid flow around physical objects. While CFD can be done with powerful workstations, users are finding that harnessing the superior horsepower of high-performance computing (HPC), plus the use of software containers, can deliver results far faster and easier—and with higher quality. 
"UberCloud Star- CCM+ containers and Microsoft Azure HPC clusters featuring Intel Xeon processors are a powerful combination that’s especially suitable for our most urgent, time-sensitive client projects. The tools both are accessible anytime and, via the cloud, anywhere in the world, so we gain much greater exibility in how we can serve our clients’ needs going forward.”
Velmurugan Patchamuthu,
Founder & CEO,
CAE Technology Services Inc.
This document is based on one of the more than 200 technical case studies that have been generated by engineering teams participating in the UberCloud Experiment. You will benefit from the candid descriptions of the problems the teams encountered, how they solved them, and lessons learned.