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UberCloud Case Studies

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By downloading this compendium, you will get access to the following case studies:


> Molecular Dynamics of the Mutant PI3Kα Protein

> Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis

> Performance Analysis of GROMACS Molecular Dynamics for Simulating Enzyme Substrate

> Open Source Clinical Cancer Genomics Pipeline in the Cloud

> Pulsatile flow in a Right Coronary Artery Tree

> Complex Blood Flow through Cardiovascular Medical Device Using OpenFOAM on Advania

> CFD Simulation of Airflow within a Nasal Cavity

> Implantable Planar Antenna Simulation with ANSYS HFSS in the Cloud

> Studying Drug-induced Arrhythmias of a Human Heart with Abaqus 2017 in the Cloud

> Development and Calibration of Cardiac Simulator to Study Drug Toxicity

> HPC Cloud Performance of Peptide Benchmark Using LAMMPS Molecular Dynamics Package

> HPC Cloud Simulation of Neuromodulation in Schizophrenia

> Establishing the Design Space of a Sparged Bioreactor on Azure

> Fluid-Structure Interaction of Artificial Aortic Heart Valves in the Cloud

> Simulation of a Personalized Left Atrial Appendage Occluder (PLAAO) Device using the Living Heart Model