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Consumer Analytics Using Natural Language Processing And Artificial Intelligence In The Cloud

An UberCloud Case Study
This UberCloud Project is about Consumer Analytics using Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud. The enormous popularity of big data in social media allows purchasers to voice their opinions such as expressing their pleasure or displeasure with certain items or services, or to express their satisfaction with their purchases. Such numerous consumer opinions and product reviews contain rich and valuable information, and the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) machine learning techniques is essential to extract data and opinions from the huge amount of information present on the web. 
Therefore, the scope of this project has been to develop a consumer analytics framework considering e-commerce review data using AI machine learning techniques in the Cloud. This framework enables a company to understand the consumer in real-time and to identify critical issues affecting its business. As this process is resource-driven, and the data extracted from social media is huge, it requires a higher number of CPU cores and RAM for faster data processing, model building & data visualization. This study explores this relationship through a cloud-based solution infrastructure to speed up computation time and achieve faster turn-around times required in the model building process.

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