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CFD Simulation of vertical axis wind turbine

CD-adapco STAR-CCM+ in the Cloud

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT) are an interesting alternative to conventional horizontal axis designs. But, it is more difficult to model the Aerodynamics of the VAWT, than the horizontal axis design. The blades see very different wind velocities and flow patterns at the upwind and downwind positions. A semi-analytical approach to estimate the performance of a VAWT, the Double Multiple Stream Tube method (DMST), is not very accurate and can only be used for rough estimates. A more promising approach is to use CFD simulations, which fully resolve the flow pattern inside and around the turbine. Obviously the best results are obtained from a fully transient simulation. 

The Cloud is ideally suited for Computationally Demanding Parameter Studies. Since each wind speed and tip-speed ratio runs independently, progress is limited only by core-count and licenses.


You'll Learn: 

  • How the team used CD-adapco STAR-CCM+ in the UberCloud environment to do the CFD Simulation.

  • UberCloud’s customized cloud cluster solution comes with all software packages pre-installed. There is no investment in HPC equipment or expertise needed.

  • How Cloud based computing extends the potential to design/develop better products by optimizations leading to a much faster pace and higher quality


star-ccm in the cloud