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Accelerating Rimac’s R&D Pipeline With Azure/UberCloud To Design And Deliver Electric Hypercars

An UberCloud Case Study
This UberCloud Project #220 is about Accelerating Rimac’s R&D Pipeline with UberCloud and Azure to Design and Deliver Electric Hypercars, Powertrains, Batteries, and Latest EV Technology. In early 2021, Rimac approached UberCloud to perform an extensive Proof of Concept to evaluate whether the timing was right to consider discarding their aging on-premise HPC Cluster and moving their engineering simulation workloads to the Cloud. During this half-year project, Rimac and UberCloud implemented some of the engineering simulations on Microsoft Azure. The UberCloud project team worked with Rimac’s experts to design and configure their Azure cloud environment for running ANSYS and other CAE software, benchmark applications, analyze Total Cost of Ownership for cloud versus on-premise, and understand engineering simulation usage of Cloud HPC resources and related workflows. 
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