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NUMECA Case Study Compendium 2019

This compendium contains selected case studies written by the participants of the UberCloud HPC Experiment and features NUMECA FINE/Marine applications performed in the cloud.
This NUMECA Compendium of engineering simulation case studies in the Marine industry is an invaluable resource for Marine engineers, scientists, managers and executives who believe in the strategic importance of Technical Computing "as a Service". It contains engineering case studies based on NUMECA's FINE/Marine software solving problems in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The case studies are: 
Team 181: Prediction of Barehull KRISO Containership Resistance in the Cloud
Team 188: Prediction of Barehull Resistance Curve of a Day-Cruise Ship in the Cloud 
Team 191: Investigation of Ropax Ferry Performance in the Cloud 
Team 201: Maneuverability of a KRISO Container Ship Model in the Cloud
The NUMECA / UberCloud Compendium of Case Studies has been generously sponsored by NUMECAHewlett Packard EnterpriseIntelDigital Engineering, and HPCwire.